Coping Intelligence™ Program

Well-Being Literacy, Multimedia Education & Psychosocial Research Program (WeLL) is the result of almost 30 years of development at the cross-road of various academic disciplines and applied R&D conducted jointly by Alexander V. Libin, PhD and Elena V. Libin, PhD. The Program is centered on promoting everyday life skills using evidence-based approaches in health and psychosocial sciences. Drs. Alexander & Elena Libin have also initiated groundbreaking work in harnessing new technology, media, social networks and artificial intelligence (e.g. robots, avatars, and virtual patients) to create everyday best practices based on rigorous research designs. Committed to bridging the gap in world views between research and general public audiences, the Libin’s have applied life skills literacy tools in team training and individual self learning, clinical and patient education, and nonclinical management of psychological problems.

Since its inception in early 2013, the WeLL program has been engaged in continuous development as an interdisciplinary initiative across the DC VAMC, MHRI, NRH and the GUMC. The program is supported by the expertise of a talented group of professional educators, instructional designers, multimedia developers, clinical subject experts and researchers.